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Carlos Su

CVE-2020-28971 (CRITICAL 9.8/10): An issue was discovered on Western Digital My Cloud OS 5 devices before 5.06.115. A NAS Admin authentication bypass vulnerability could allow an unauthenticated user to execute... about 2 months ago

Daniel Fernandez Kuehr

CVE-2020-0890 (MEDIUM 6.5/10): A denial of service vulnerability exists when Microsoft Hyper-V on a host server fails to properly validate specific malicious data from a user on a guest operating system.To... 4 months ago

Jonas Lykkegård

CVE-2020-0805 (MEDIUM 5.5/10): A security feature bypass vulnerability exists when a Windows Projected Filesystem improperly handles file redirections, aka 'Projected Filesystem Security Feature Bypass... 4 months ago

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7.8 HIGH

Microsoft Defender Remote Code Execution Vulnerability
5 days ago



An issue was discovered in Quali CloudShell 9.3. An XSS vulnerability in the login page allows an attacker to craft a URL, with a constructor.constructor substring in the...
about 13 hours ago



SAP Solution Manager (User Experience Monitoring), version- 7.2, due to Missing Authentication Check does not perform any authentication for a service resulting in complete...
10 months ago



Netsia SEBA+ through 0.16.1 build 70-e669dcd7 allows remote attackers to discover session cookies via a direct /session/list/allActiveSession request. For example, the attacker...
about 12 hours ago

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